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Indigenous Led
Programming & Services Created By Indigenous Collectives & Accountable to
Indigenous Peoples 

Justicia DIgna holds four main program areas organized under elemental themes of water, land, air, and fire. Our programming is holistic and organized in accordance with our sacred cosmovision, relationships, & protocols. 

Justicia DIgna programs are inherently interdependent, interconnected, and interrelated. Our programming includes mutually reinforcing activities inextricably linked to our collective rights and values. These projects and activities are prescribed by Indigenous peoples and developed through collective consultation models.


We rely on traditional knowledge and understandings that are collective, holistic, community-based, land-informed ways of knowing that are inherently interconnected with people and the environmentWe make program decisions based on honoring and sustaining harmonic lifeways and with respect for our obligations to each other and the land.


We measure our impact through our collective wellness and are held accountable by our relatives.


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