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Visionaries in The Work of Decolonization

Justicia Digna stands for Indigenous Justice; our justice, our way, on our terms. We are a leading Indigenous led nonprofit organization aiming to decolonize harmful systems through our own ways of knowing and systems of care.  Our models of shared governance and approaches to our work are developed in accordance with our cosmovision, values, and ways of understanding and organizing. 

We believe:

Indigenous Peoples hold critical knowledge that our entire global family needs to survive.


Indigenous Peoples' sovereignty & self-determination is critical to our survival because we belong to these lands and have sacred obligations to steward and care for these lands and each other. We have deep elemental connections with the land, water, and all living things in our homelands. Like the birds and plants, our languages have evolved with the ecosystems we are a part of. 


Settler colonial societies continue to threaten our sovereignty and survival through genocidal policies and actions against us.


All our relations must be honored and protected. We protect and care for each other and the land, water, and plants we are related to that connect and sustain us. 


We have rights and obligations on our ancestral homelands. Forced removal is genocide and threatens our survival. We have the right to stay home. 


Extractive industries, pollution, and threats to the lands we steward and waters we protect is a threat to our entire global family that impacts Indigenous peoples first and foremost. 


Funding institutions and donors must begin to understand that their wealth probably comes from some type of extraction, exploitation, or theft of the resources of Indigenous peoples. Therefore, settler colonial wealth and the wealth of transnational organizations must be  returned to Indigenous peoples.

Native Drums

Our Mission

We create and develop innovative programming offering holistic legal, social, & educational support and advocacy by and for Indigenous peoples working to strengthen and protect the rights of Indigenous peoples. Our programs and projects prioritize advocacy and services for Indigenous peoples experiencing human and civil rights violations. 

Issues We Work On

Our Supporters & Friends

Justicia Digna fights for MMIW/R & against gender violence, femicide, feminicide, and to protect TSLGBTQ relatives across borders
We support ICWA & similar protections for Indigenous migrant children
We support Black Relatives
We protect the land
Mexico & Guatemala are in Turtle Island
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