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Justicia Digna engages in policy and advocacy work with Indigenous peoples and promotes civic engagement in Indigenous communities.

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International Advocacy

  • Justicia Digna works to promote and protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples internationally. We engage with the United Nations and Indigenous peoples at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

  • We promote and protect sovereignty & self-determination across colonial borders.

  • We fight forced displacement and green colonialism.

  • We engage in our legal advocacy work with understandings of our obligations to our Indigenous nations and peoples.

  • We participate in the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues & international Indigenous people's movements. 

National Advocacy

  • Justicia Digna has advocated for protections of Native children under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) & promotes extending protections. Justicia Digna has advocated for protections of Native children under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) & promotes extending protections. 

  • Justicia Digna has participated in Stakeholder advocacy efforts with the Biden Family Reunification Task Force to ensure that the mostly Maya families separated at the border are engaged in every level of process so they receive remedies in Matter of Ms. L and family separations never happen again. 

  • Justicia Digna has supported Indigenous noncitizens in maintaining their parental rights & keeping their children with their families & nations. 

  • We support federal litigation that protects the human & civil rights of Indigenous peoples. 

  • We fight for the rights of Indigenous people's to stay home & not be forcibly removed ever again.


Local Civic Engagement

Justicia Digna works with Indigenous communities and activists to promote and support civic engagement. We believe our communities hold the solutions to our problems. We engage in advocacy at the local level where we are invited to support communities fighting injustice. Justicia Digna supports community organizing and offers training in civic engagement. 


We work with Native relatives to address environmental racism & threats, Indigenous migrant communities in the U.S. facing human & civil rights violations, Two-spirit & LGBTQ+ relatives challenging harmful policies, supporting MMIW/R efforts locally and across colonial borders, organize against industries & corporations polluting our waters & lands, work with Indigenous language speakers on language justice issues, & encourage Native voters to vote for their interests. 

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