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Sacred fire; sacred relationships

Partnerships & Projects

Immigration Legal Services For Indigenous Migrants

Maya and Indigenous legal advocates make a huge difference in immigration courts. Indigenous people forced to migrate face consistent civil and human rights violations in immigration proceedings and detention. 

Legal Services for Indigenous Migrants


We work to protect our languages and also provide language classes across borders to help Indigenous migrants maintain ties to their home communities after they are forcibly removed.

Language Rights & Justice

The Right To Stay Home & Fighting Forced Removal

Indigenous peoples are still forcibly removed from our ancestral homelands. We fight against these genocidal actions and fight for our right to stay home and right to not migrate. Our voice is critical to migrants' rights movements as we offer decolonial perspectives often erased.

Justicia Digna is fighting forced removal, green colonialism, and displacement. The right to stay home. The right not to migrate.

National & International Advocacy

We support ICWA and the expansion of these protections. Stealing Native children and holding Indigenous kids in cages are acts of genocide.

Policy & Advocacy work to protect all Indigenous children

Protecting Land & Water

We are water and land protectors. The Black Snake (petroleum pipeline) we fought at Standing Rock's NoDAPL actions is a threat that crosses borders and requires transnational approaches.

Justicia Digna; we are water protectors and land defenders

Rematriation, Kinship, & Belonging 

The heart of our efforts of recovery are rooted in our relationships, staying on the land, traditional knowledge, and practices. We promote rematriation and recovery of our kinship ties based in our cosmovision. We are still here and we belong.

At Justicia Digna, all of our work is rooted in our sacred relationships to each other across borders and across Turtle Island and Abia Yala. Reconnecting and remembering.
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